OUR Experience

The Matry Labs team consists of highly experienced and talented AAA Game Developers, 3D Artists & Riggers, VFX, SFX and Server-side Infrastructure personel


It's the Year 3033. Dr. Oleus Rozenborg, the despicable leader of Anti-Chill Inc. has completely warped and manipulated Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning causing an irreversible Big Bang. The outcome? - A phenomenal fusion has occured, resulting in the entire Metaverse and several Blockchain Networks fusing into one dimension, the Chillville Masterverse.

Chillville is the first ever Masterverse - meaning it is a "Super" Metaverse which connects the entire Metaverse, interoperably within one inclusive, live, 3D environment.

The Masterverse

The Masterverse is a new concept, where all Metaverse collectibles will now be able to interact in one combined, AAA-Grade immersive co-experience. This is where the Metaverse intertwines across breath-taking Blockchain Districts, including: BTCity, Etherzone, Polygon Paradigm, NEAR Galaxy, SOL Island, Matryland and more.

To participate in the Chillville Masterverse, users must simply own a digital collectible on the Ethereum blockchain. Connect it to the game via your wallet, and that's it! You’re playing.  

Chillville will soon also operate cross-chain on major blockchain networks, enabling many participants to join the Chillville community and metaverse, including gamers, partners, brands & IP creators.


A huge thank you to all partners who actively support the development of the Masterverse


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