Chillville is the first ever Metaverse project from Matry Labs, where Metaverses connect and earn P2E (Play To Earn) rewards. 
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Work Hard, Chill Harder

Chillville is where Metaverse collectibles connect in a much wider and inclusive P2E (Play To Earn) environment. In Chillville, players Mine digital assets, Battle, Race, Fly, Box, Explore, Work Real-time Jobs, Fish, Cook, Heist and much much more.

Play To Earn

To participate in the Chillville Masterverse, users must simply own a digital collectible on the Ethereum blockchain. Connect it to the game via your wallet, and that's it! You’re playing.  

Chillville will soon also operate cross-chain on major blockchain networks, enabling many participants to join the Chillville community and metaverse, including gamers, partners, brands & IP creators.
The Chillville Masterverse

What's a Masterverse?

Chillville is a Masterverse - meaning it is a "Super" Metaverse which effectively connects all Metaverses in one inclusive, live, 3D environment.

The Masterverse is a new concept, by which Metaverse collectibles will now be able to interact in one merged co-experience. In the Masterverse, experience Points, Items and Digital Assets are stored within your collectible, adding huge intrinsic value at point of sale.


BTCity is an incredible ultra-modern district for Chillers to explore. Acquire land and equipment to begin mining mBTC, join the BTC Allstars Sports Club and take part in tournaments playing against other Chillers in districts and Metaverses across Chillville.


EtherZone is an artistic and creative district and is the cultural heart of Chillville. With great character and is the perfect place to mine mETH! Learn an instrument and join the Orchestra. Discover incredible places to socialize with other Chillers and enjoy great food.


SOL Island is a beautiful and exotic location, ideal for racing, playing and earning mSOL. Open a bar and restaurant on the water, or acquire a barn and learn to farm in the interior. Go to the seaside and take part in clearwater fishing, eat your catch or sell them at the SOL Island Market.


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